Ignition Basics

Mercruiser Alternator Swap

E-Type Fuel Filters
Fuel Pump Interchange

The Definitive Guide to Thermostats
Delco Alternator Swap (courtesy of Dick Russ)
Rear Window Defogger Explained
Spreadsheet for Calibrating Speedometers with T5 Transmissions
Water Pump Bolt Pattern

Identification Guide to Lucas Headlight Lamps

Gates Interchange Guide for S1 4.2 Etypes!

Lucas Decommutator Solution (Thanks to J. L. Schwartz)

E-Type Series 1.5 Wiring Diagrom (thanks to Kent Holcomb)

E-Type Series 2 Wiring Diagram (thanks to Kent Holcomb)

Fact filled trouble shooting guide to Lucas alternators

Upgrade your Lucas alternator for better reliability

Make your Polyurethane bushings greaseable

Nippondenso Replacement for Reversed Series2 Alternators

Bosch: Better Alternator Replacement for Series 2!!

Relays Explained

Gates Interchange Guide for Series II E-Types

Colorized S1 Wiring Diagram courtesy (Bill Molloy)

Colorized S2 Wiring Diagram courtesy (Bill Molloy)

Series 3 High Performance Fan Swap