Jaguar E-Type
Making Poly Bushings Greaseable

    Are your polyurethane bushings squeaking? Heres how to modify your swaybar bushings so that they can be easily greased (non-Jaguar bushing used for demo purposes).

Step 1. Drill and tap the bushing shells for a grease fitting. A grease fitting tool is very handy for this purpose:

Step 2. Install a Zerk fitting. Note that the shell is thick enough to hold the fitting securely, but a bit of the fitting protrudes on the inside. In the next step, we'll put a hole in the poly bushing to mate with the fitting:

Step 3. Use a hollow punch to put a mating hole into the bushing. Use a wooden dowel to back up the bushing (steel shaft in photo is for illustration only!).


Step 4. You may feel compelled to clean up the hole with an Xacto knife, but not necessary. As long as it lines up with the grease fitting, you are fine. This mod will not affect the longevity of the bushing. If anything, regular lubrication will extend it's life.

Step 5. Mount bar. A shot of grease from time to time will keep things quiet. Use a synthetic grease with teflon thickeners, or a silicone grease. We recommend Super Lube, which can be used for general chassis lubrication as well as poly bushings.

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