Gates Hose/Thermostat Interchange
Series I 4.2 aLitre E-Type

Let me preface this faq by stating that CoolCat Express in not a Gates dealer, nor do we have any affiliation with them. In fact, we have no intention of offering a hose set in the immediate future. There is no need to do so.

It's always struck me as odd that there are so many complaints (and solutions) about Jaguar hoses. I have five cars in the barn, and I've had many more over the years. Although I have once or twice had a split hose, none of them has had chronic hose problems.  Yet Jag owners complain about British hose quality, and vendors have all sorts of exotic replacement hoses. It seemed to me that a simple set of US-made Gates or Dayco hoses should go eight or ten years in a Jag (as they would in any other car). Another advantage to Gates hoses is that they are available from any parts store in the US. So if I burst a hose, I don't have to be stranded until a part can be shipped from a specialist. Finally, a full set of Gates hoses costs half the price of a set of British hoses. The only hose I couldn't find a Gates replacement for was the thermostat bypass hose. The only question is, which applications interchange with my Jag?

The Gates interchange guide from (free registration required) was invaluable in working out these swaps. Every hose they make is illustrated. The length and ID's are listed, everything sorted in ID order. All their thermostats are documented with a dimensioned technical drawing. This guide saved many hours of rummaging around parts stores.

Many thanks to Gary Herzberg for his patient loan of a new hose set.

Illustrated Hose Interchange
Gates PN's Where Available

Thermostat to tank hose: Gates 22448 remove about 1/2". 
Source: Mercury Cougar 1999-2003 V6 2.5 water pump inlet.
Lower Radiator Hose: Two pieces, with an intermediate tube. There is a large hose and a small hose. The large hose can be cut down from Gates 20615 (Source: '69 Ford Torino 390) The small hose is still made by Gates for Jaguar applications!! It's Gates 20520.
Header to radiator right side: Cut down from Gates 21195.

Source: 1979-1984 GMC Brigadier Truck; DD 6V-53 Eng.; Rad Surge Tank Outlet

Heater bends: Gates 28460, Dayco 80393 (2 required)
Source: Generic 6"x4"x1/2" bends, many applications
Note: Trim to suit.

Heater valve bend: Gates 21184, Dayco 70948
Source: 1991 Buick Century 3.3L bypass, others
Note: Fits better than stock, trim to suit.

Various small hoses made up from straight lengths of  1/2" and 5/8" heater hose, all generic.

Overflow line made up from 5/16" fuel line.

Upper Radiator Hose: Cut down from Gates 22803. 
Source: Ford; 2001 Ford Mustang V-8 4.6 Eng.; Lower - Tstat To Engine
The only hose for which I couldn't find a generic replacement. This is the hose that connects the thermostat bypass to the radiator extension tube.  Thermostat: The current thermostat closest to the S1 4.2 spec is SNG Barratt 3731/1. Click here for discussion.

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