Jaguar E-Type Series 3 Fan Replacement

We're often asked for replacement fans for the S3 E-Type. The fact is, the V12 enclosure has a unique 11" diameter, which would require a very expensive custom blade. Demand hasn't been sufficient to justify the tooling cost. But we have found an off-the shelf solution that's as good as can be done, given the space available. It's also very cheap. What we suggest is using the fans from a late 80's-early 90's Volkswagen. Any of their water cooled cars should do, as long as it resembles the ones in these photos and has the 280mm blade. Two examples we have tested are:

VW Part Number
Aftermarket PN
1988-1993 VW Cabrio w/o AC (250 Watt)
1987-1992 VW Jetta (350 Watt)

These fans are just about bolt-up to the V12 shroud, and provide more airflow. They come complete with motor and blade. The motors are dual wound, so they can be run at high or low speed. Our suggestion is to wire the low speed side to the stock wiring (low speed draws about 12A). Then run a manual switch and dedicated 50A fuse to the high speed side. This will give comparable to stock airflow most of the time, and will allow you to manually add more air flow in stressful traffic. You don't want to run all the time at high speed, unless you also uprate your alternator-the bigger 350W Jetta motor draws nearly 30A at high speed.

As to where to purchase, my suggestion is to buy new. They are available from many on-line dealers (like or VDub specialists (like for well under $100 each.

The VW fan motor is slightly larger than the Lucas motor, but the bracket can accommodate it. Appearance is close to stock.

Don't know if the original 3-way connector (PN 1H0906233) is available, but there is room for three 1/4" disconnect terminals. If you don't use either the high speed or the low speed connection, use an insulated connector to cap it off. Be sure to remove any paper labels to prevent imbalances.


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