E-Type Fuel Filter Elements

For Series 1 and Series 2 E-Types, the fuel filter used was AC7950001, a glass bowl filter that was used on hundreds of production models by any number of manufacturers. The original filter element was a gauze screen, Jaguar pn 7299.
By the time of the S2's, the filter element had been replaced by a ceramic donut, AC pn GF124, or FS2 if manufactured by AC in the UK. Unfortunately, Jaguar also switched to their own part numbers, so this part was known as Jaguar pn C28080. And just to make matters more confusing, this part number was reused for the filter element in early Series 3 cars with reverse flow glass bowls. During S3 production, the filter assembly was replaced with BD600, which has a steel cup. This filter used paper element ACD60, which replaced an earlier ceramic element, GF154. Confused? The purpose of this faq is to disambiguate and provide some specific suggestions for replacement elements, as this is causing confusion even for experienced hands.

Gauze Filter (all S1)

For the entire S1 production run, the fuel filter was a simple wire gauze, which fit in the top of the filter bowl. Fuel enters through the center hole, and flows back out through the gauze. Trapped particles remain in the glass bowl and are visible to an observer. These gauze elements are widely available as pn 7299. It's a simple system, and completely adequate. But the gauze has a small surface area, and low efficiency. So this simple screen was replaced early in S2 production. The filter head remained the same, and the later filter element is fully compatible with the S1 cars.

GF124/FS2 (S2, retrofit S1)

The above illustration is the original pattern of GF124. I include several pictures, because the part has been changed in construction, but not in function. The same pn continues to be used. This is a ceramic element. It works just like the mesh screen: fuel enters the glass bowl through the center, passes through the hollow ceramic and passes out through the top of the element. Particles filtered out remain visible in the glass bowl. It has the advantage of much larger surface area and greater filtering efficiency compared to the wire gauze. Be aware that if you order a current GF124, you will likely get something like this:

This is the "new" GF124. It's a paper element, but works exactly like the old ceramic element. A spring may be supplied to help hold it in place. 

If you are interested in a "concours" look, the original GF124 has been reproduced in sintered bronze for the Corvette crowd, and is available from Corvette Central (click here).

Regardless of which version of the GF124 you choose, the fuel flow path is the same. Fuel enters through the center into the glass bowl, passes through the element from the outside in, moves out through the holes at the top and into the carburetor feed line. Trapped dirt will be visible in the sight glass:

When using any of the newer elements, you should order a gasket pn 7298, from one of the usuals. These "official" gaskets are slightly wider than the ones now packed with the filters, and do a better job of sealing. The gasket should be pushed down over the filter, so that the filter is held in place by the gasket when the glass is installed. Another good alternative is Felpro 773, which is a cork gasket designed specifically for this application. You can find it at local autoparts stores or Rockauto.

"C28080": confused beyond redemption

If you are ordering a filter for a Series 1 or 2, you shouldn't order a C28080 unless you have verified it's an old stock example, and looks exactly like a ceramic GF124. Unfortunately, the item widely being sold with this part number is a Series 3 filter, designed for reverse flow. It will work, but the impurities will be trapped inside and not visible through the glass. Jaguar has done the community a great disservice by adding this abiguity to an already confusing item. 

Series 3: Reverse flow glass bowl filter

As mentioned, these filters weren't Jaguar-specific products. In many applications, the configuration of the engine compartment required that the position of the inlet and outlet connections be reversed. This was the case for the Series 3 E-Type. The filter head works fine for these applications, but the filter that should be used in this case was GF149 :

This element allows incoming fuel to flow in around the outside of the ceramic. It passes through the ceramic filter and out through the center. Current production of this element is also paper:

If you use these elements in an application which requires GF124, they will actually work, but the dirt will be trapped inside and won't be visible through the glass. The item sold as "C28080" today is actually an evolved version of the GF149 reverse flow filter, and should only be used on Series 3's with glass bowls:

Series 3: Steel Bowl filter

After cars 1S51617, 1S74312, 1S1665, 1S21662, Jaguar switched to a steel bowl fuel filter, staying with reverse flow. The correct filter element for this was ACD60, confusingly given Jaguar pn JS660. It should look something like this:


Series 1

The "correct" filter for all S1 cars is the simple brass screen, pn 7299. However, Jaguar specified the Series 2 (GF124) filter as a retrofit.

Series 2

Ceramic, most correct
        GF124 (old stock)

Sintered bronze
        Corvette Central 351051
        Ecklers 25-254765-1

        AC GF124 (new stock)
        Delco GF-124
        Purolator F50124
        Purolator EP124
        Hastings GF124
        Wix 33034
        Baldwin GF124
        Auto Extra GF124
        Baldwin PF857
        Carquest 86034
        Fram CG3
        Holley 29
        Knecht G97
        Luber Finer g977
        Wix WF34
        NAPA 3034
        Fram CG13

Series 3, Glass Bowl

Note: The current version of C28080 is compatible with S3 glass bowl applications, but see discussion above.

     AC GF149 

     Delco GF149
     Baldwin Pf864
     Carquest 86039
     Hastings GF18
     Motorcraft FG10
     NAPA 3039
     Wix 33039
     Wix WF39
     Purolator FP226
     Carquest 86039


Series 3, Metal bowl

Alco MD099
Fram C11941
Fram C11941PL
MANN P65/1
WIX WF8381 

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