June 7, 2021
  E-Type Fuel Filters

September 21, 2020
  Fuel Pump Interchage

July 15, 2019
  The Definitive Guide to Thermostats

August 31, 2013
  Water Pump Bolt Faq

August 1, 2009
  Haddock's Jaguar E-Type 6 & 12 Cylinder Restoration Guide
  Series 2 Air Conditioner Vents

May 25, 2009
  V12 Spin on Conversion Kit for Series 3 E-Types

January 18, 2008
  Now accepting all major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and JCB!

December 1, 2007
  Pertronix Distributors for Neg Ground Six Cylinder E-Types

October 14, 2006
  CoolCat Lightweight Finished! For Sale!

October 8, 2006
  25th Anniversary of GTJ Championship
   Jaguar Club of Connecticut Purr in

January 29, 2006
    Sneak Peek at the CoolCat Lightweight
    Third Annual Mt Kisco Jaguar Show

   New Products:
    Books & Literature
    Gear Reduction Starter for 3.8
    Gear Reduction Starter for 4.2
    Exhaust System Sealant
    Halogen Replacement Bulbs for Vintage Lucas 700 Headlamps

July 30,2005
  Exclusive new product: Solid State Instrument Voltage Regulators:
   Negative Ground
   Positive Ground
   Koni Shock Absorbers for S3 E-Type:
   Magnecor Wire Sets for S3 E-Type:
   7mm Black
   8mm Blue
   8.5mm Red

June 25, 2005
   2005 Events:
  JAG Spring Slalom
  Limerock Empire Division/SCCA/Electric Car Races
  JTC Spring Slalom

May 14, 2005
  FAQ: Better Alternator Swap for Series II !!

April 28,2005
  FAQ: Gates Interchange for Series II

April 4,2005
 Radiators for S3 E-Type
  New S3 E-Type section

April 3, 2005
  Exciting new product: S1 3.8 Machined Tank Radiators

January 15, 2005
  Series 1 3.8 Radiators
  Series 1 4.2 Radiators
  Hella Flat Lens Headlights

December 10, 2004
  CoolCat Custom Headlights

November 14, 2004
 Modern Fan Switch Replacement for Series 3 E-Types
  Koni Shocks for S1, S2 E-Types (Front)
  Koni Shocks for S1, S2 E-Types (Rear)
  Grease for Poly Bushings in Handy Tubes
  Pertronix Ignitor
  Positive Ground
  Negative Ground
  Pertronix Ignitor Coil
  Ballasted Ignition
  Unballasted Ignition

October 17, 2004
  Relays Explained

October 8.2004
  Modern Fan Switch for S1 and S2 E-Types

August 23, 2004
  Marston Excelsior Plaques

August 2, 2004
  Fitted Luggage by Taris Charysyn

July 5, 2004
  Nippondenso replacement for reverse mounted Lucas alternators

June 28, 2004
  Photos from Mike Eck's Jag-Lovers Picnic

June 16, 2004
  Faq: How to make Polurethane bushings greaseable

May 24, 2004
  More Photos from Limerock

May 23, 2004 
  Photos from the Empire Division Limerock Event

May 20, 2004
  Photos from the JTC Annual Dustoff

January 12, 2004
  Read about the auction of the century

November 25, 2003
  SS3AW Ignition Warning Light Switch replaces Lucas 3AW

October 8, 2003
  Check out our Oil Change Helpers
  New Product: Adjustable Sway Bar

July 27, 2003
  New Product: Adjustable Torsion Bar Reaction Plates
  New Product: Jaguar Travel Mug

July 10, 2003
  New Product: Grease for Polyurethane Bushings
  New Product Line: Testing Products for Your Cooling System

March 13, 2003
  New Product: CoolCat Cubby Box Armrest
  New Product: Cubby Box Pin for Series II and III E-Types

November 15, 2002
  New Product: CoolCat Fan for Series II E-Types

October 23, 2002
  New Product: Phenolic Spark Plug Wire Organizers

October 1, 2002
  New Product: CoolCat Fan for Series I E-Types

September 19, 2002
  New product: Magnecor 7mm (Stock) Ignition Wires
  New Product: Magnecor 8mm (Performance) Ignition Wires
  New Product: Magnecor 8.5mm (Competition) Ignition Wires

September 1, 2002
  New Product: Bronze IRS Bushes.