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8mm Ignition Wires for V12 (Blue)
8mm Ignition Wires for V12 (Blue) Quantity in Basket: None
Code: Magnecor128
Price: $94.99
Shipping Weight: 3.00 pounds
Magnecor's 8mm wire is designed to improve original ignition system performance on street vehicles using either electronic engine management systems or carburetors. Conductor provides excellent RFI and EMI suppression to permanently eliminate the typical performance and fuel-wasting spark energy deterioration of OE and after market carbon conductor wires. Also overcomes performance problems associated with poorly suppressed after market spiral conductor wires on both modern and older engines. The conventional style insulating jacket consists of high dielectric strength silicone rubber insulation, fiberglass reinforcing braiding and a high temperature, high tear strength silicone rubber outer jacket. All ends installed, and factory crimped.


Outside Diameter of Cable 8mm.
Colour Blue
Boot/Terminal Configuration Push-on
Country of Manufacture Cable:USA. Assemblies:USA, UK, or Australia.
Construction Type Silicone rubber insulator re-inforcing braiding silicone rubber outer jacket.
Insulator Material High dielectric silicone rubber.
Outer Jacket Material Extreme high-tear strength silicone rubber.
Heat Resistance 260°C (500°F) service temperature.
Dielectric Strength 55,000 volts.
Conductor Size 1.75mm diameter.
Conductor Type Magnecor Metallic Inductance CN20 RFI and EMI Suppressed.
Core Ferromagnetic base over Kevlar.
Windings 48 turns per cm (120 turns per inch).
Windings Material Chrome-nickel.
Resistance 98 ohms per cm/3K ohm per ft. + 10%.
Capacity 55,000volts 2kVA.
Spark Plug Boots Silicone 205° C (400° F)