Designing the V12 Conversion Kit

This is the filter head from a V12 E-Type. Oil flows in from the lnlet on the left, through the filter, to the center passage and out. There is a valve which will allow oil to bypass a clogged filter. Although modern filters have internal bypass valves, this valve must remain in place to ensure the integrity of the flow path. As a result, the adapter must have enough height to clear the valve. The center structure is critical. Note that more than 1/3 of the central column is a dead end. The outlet flow path is through the passage on the lower right ONLY. 

This is a side view, showing how the filter head bolts up to the car. The most restrictive point in the flow path is just .7" in diameter. We engineered the adapter to allow at least this much cross section at all points in the flow path. The choice of filters derives from this requirement: we use an XK8 filter, with a 1" diameter outlet.

This is the CoolCat Adapter, disassembled. The base is cast Aluminum, and is high enough to clear the bypass valve. The inlet and outlet ports have greater cross sectional area than then narrowest point in the filter head flow path. The stainless outlet nipple is non-restrictive. Isn't that better? Click here to view installation instructions.