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Kit Box for XK's and Early Saloons
Kit Box for XK's and Early Saloons Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $100.00
Note: Parts NOT included.

Taris Charysyn was a restorer of fine European Carriages and Coaches, and an owner / enthusiast of both a Jaguar XK 120 OTS and FHC. He had a great desire for a pair of fitted luggage pieces for his own vehicles. So with his talents and Coach trimming knowledge and skills,  he set forth to create the finest in fitted automotive luggage.  (Click to visit Taris Charysyn's site)

Minor Replacement Kit boxes are sold empty for the Jaguar enthusiast to fill or replace a worn and tattered existing box.   Boxes with seals and labels are a duplication of the original kits that were present in the boot area of Mark V's, XK 120's and 140's exported from England. Labels are authentically reproduced for specific years and models. Please specify when ordering.

XK 120
XK 140
Mark V

Note: when you order these items from our site, the order is sent directly to Taris Charysyn. He will then contact you to get your individual requirements for year, model, and labeling. Once your order is complete, he will contact you again to arrange for shipping (which will not be charged until your order is complete).