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Repair/Upgrade for Later Smith's Clock
Repair/Upgrade for Later Smith's Clock Quantity in Basket: None
Code: S2Clock
Price: $100.00
Shipping Weight: 0.01 pounds
Not currently available.
Offered through Mike Eck's!

After purchase, you will need to ship your clock to:

Mike Eck
71 Hillcrest Road
Martinsville, NJ 08836

The "Smiths 2 1/2" instrument panel clock, introduced in 1968, was an improvement in design over the early tachometer-mounted clock. It has no electrical contacts to wear out and the gears are all made of nylon, which doesn't require lubrication. Unfortunately, the electrical circuit inside the clock is prone to burn out. Clocks that were made during 1968-69 required a separate battery which was mounted on the back. This mercury cell is no longer available, and equivalent replacements are expensive and difficult to find. The balance wheel on these clocks is a fragile, spidery assembly which is composed mostly of fine electrical wire and glue. It is suspended between two powerful magnets which are themselves simply glued in place. Sometimes this glue lets go and the magnets smash together, destroying the balance wheel. Other times the balance wheel simply falls apart by itself. Unlike the earlier clocks, these clocks were never intended to be repaired, so they are crimped, swaged and riveted together. If something goes wrong with the mechanism there's nothing that can be done to repair it, so it needs to be replaced with a new movement. Jaguarclock can install a new crystal-controlled motor which fits inside the original case and uses the original face, hands and time adjustment stem. It can either be powered from the vehicle's 12 volt battery or use a standard AA cell, depending on your wishes. Your upgraded clock looks and functions exactly as it originally did, except it keeps better time!