A Few Words About Security and Privacy
Iím Mike Frank, proprietor of CoolCat Express. In recent years, more and more web stores and service providers have made cheap trade in their customer's personal information. For this reason, I want our customers to know that we make every effort to keep our customerís online experience safe and confidential. As a company, CoolCatís personal information and identity protection strategy is simple: 
  • We only ask for as much information as is needed to process an order. 
  • We consider any information you enter as confidential.
  • We donít allow any third party tracking scripts on this site, nor do we plant tracking cookies. The only cookies we employ are related to handling your shopping basket.
  • We will never share your information with unrelated outside parties. The only unlikely exception is that we will cooperate with proper requests from law enforcement agencies.
  • We donít retain credit card information. This may be an inconvenience at times, but itís for your protection. Our merchant service bank does maintain enough information to apply refunds for up to 30 days, but this information isnít directly accessible to us. 
  • Paper waste is destroyed by cross shredding. We recycle.
  • Once your transaction is processed, the only records retained are offline. They cannot be accessed from any web location. 
  • Credit card information is validated with the CVV2 code and address validation (where available.)
(Nerd alert) Our online store is fully PA-DSS compliant. Our passwords are changed frequently, and they are long and complex. Our checkout system uses HTTPS protocol, with highly secure AES 256-bit key encryption (AES 256 is the only cipher rated for top secret use by the NSA).  We try to keep as current as possible with software updates.  QR codes used in our advertising donít contain ďtrickĒ links to tracking sites.

Our mobile interface does not access your contact list, photos, tunes, geographic location, or any other irrelevant data on your smartphone. As with the main web ap, we only require the minimum information necessary to complete a mobile transaction.

CoolCat doesnít participate in invasive social network sites. Our site will never "friend" you with strangers.

There are only a few external links and service providers underlying the CoolCat web store. These are our ISP, credit card gateway, merchant service bank, partner sites (Jaguar Clock and Taris Charysyn), USPS and UPS. It would be a stretch for me to guarantee the services of the largest merchant bank in the country or the US Postal Service, but as far as I can determine, all our service providers and partners responsibly maintain the highest standards of identity protection and confidentiality. 

In short, we strive to employ best practices and the use best security software available to protect your privacy.  Would you expect anything less from us? 

Mike Frank 2/29/2012